Daily 1st Class Presort Service

Hundreds of area businesses are currently saving postage dollars on a Daily basis by utilizing Super Mail, Inc.'s (SMI) 1st Class Presort Service.


  • A SMI courier will pick up your mail on a Daily basis at a pre-arranged time.
  • One and two ounce letter mail is metered at the appropriate 1 and 2 ounce 1st Class Presort rate.
  • All mail is brought to our location and processed by our Bell & Howell Multi-Line Optical Character Reader / Barcode Sorter(MLOCR/BCS).
  • A postage savings is realized on all letters receiving an Intelligent Mail Barcode.
  • All mail is deposited at our main Post Office on a nightly basis.
  • SMI employees are bonded and insured.

Mail Metering Service

Let Super Mail, Inc. (SMI) help you eliminate the expense and hassles associated with mail metering!

SMI can not only pick up and sort your mail but we can also pick up your non-metered mail and do the weighing, sealing, metering and any necessary accounting … ALL for less than you are currently paying for your mailing equipment!
The benefits to consider include:

  • Elimination of monthly meter rental
  • No long term leases or purchase payments
  • No expensive maintenance agreements
  • No need for costly supplies
  • Reduction of staff responsibility for mail preparation

Over 50% of our Daily mail processing clients are realizing convenience and money savings by utilizing our Daily Mail Metering Service.